Thursday, January 26, 2012

55 inches, 3 days.

The winter started out more like a dry, cold summer.  There was less precipitation in December than in July...  We all did our best snow-dance, patiently waiting for puffs of white to blanket the town.  First, the nordic trails are closed due to not enough snow and the very next day closed because of too much snow.  Smiles were had by all, as a blizzard swept through bringing 55 inches in 3 days!  Happy day!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Stretching out the fishing season.

Every year, Adrian fishes the season to its bitter end. And that end seems to come later and later in the year, even if the conditions are described only as "fair". 

Late December, we set out to fish Mecca Flats. As we pulled onto the dirt road next to the river, I realized I forgot my waders... I was so disappointed! Even so, it was hard not to enjoy the sun warm my face, or eagerly wait for Adrian to catch the "big" one, and run with Nina as she hunted ground squirrels. 

I love days like this.